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Our portable exhibits

Standex offers the most complete line of portable display products at competitive prices without compromising quality service. Our different models of portable exhibits provide an interesting backdrop for smaller shows, but can also be developed into larger exhibits. Solutions vary, based on your visual and technical needs.

exposition stand portatif expoflex


Towers and arches
The Expoflex

Interested in using higher spaces?  Simple and efficient solutions do exist. This combined modular and portable system is perfect for    10 x 20 exhibits and for exhibitors planning to evolve over time. It occupies space high above the ground and requires little in the way of logistical support.



exposition stand portatif decosysteme

Towers and arches
The Décosystème

Décosystème is a small, ultra-light beam structure that can be shaped and arranged in different ways. Space higher up in the structure may be used, but since its pillars are larger, the structure can be shaped into a tower or small arch. Décosystème is the perfect complement for a 10 x 10 or a 10x20 exhibit. A tower bordering an aisle or a logo 12 feet above ground level will improve your visibility.  



stand portatif tour kalypso

Towers and arches
The Kalypso

This small structure is the most portable of our towers. It creates a surprising impact, despite it diminutive foldaway size.  




Towers and arches
The Media Tower

A tower fully covered with fabric available in rectangular or triangular shape. It can also support a hanging sign. No more hanging fees.



forme tour courbee

Towers and arches
Form – Curved Tower

Designed to impress, this curved shape tower will create a dynamic atmosphere that will draw attention to your booth space. The fabric graphic features a zipper on top and a silicone edge at the bottom allows you to attach it on a strong wooden base. The top circle is 8’ diameter and lower is 3,5’. Available in 12’,16’ and 20’ high. Can be used with LED light to add a glow within the tower!



forme tour droite

Towers and arches
Form – Straight Tower

Cylinder or rectangular shaped, these towers will add a very important touch of visibility to your booth. Depending on the situation, place it near the aisle to catch attention or use it to bring your logo up to 8’, 10’ or 12’ high. The diameter is 3’. LED light can also be added inside to create a bright effect.



forme mur ecran

Towers and arches
Form - Video Wall

This curved wall allows you to integrate a flat screen in your booth. The top part of it hides the hall light to bring attention to your video presentation. Very unusual, it can be combined with other Form structures to end to a stylish booth.



forme mur c

Towers and arches
Form – C Shaped Wall

Ideal for meeting rooms, this wall can create a semi-private space within your tradeshow exhibit. Its size of 7’ at the highest point and 7’ 4’’ diameter is perfect for a small table and benches .



forme arche 10

Towers and arches
Form - Arch 10'

Define a stunning entryway that will invite visitors in your booth! With their stylish shapes, the FORM arches are available in 3 sizes. The 10’ arch is 7,6’’ high and spans 9’6’’ wide Two bases provide weighted stability and serve as anchors for the fabric structure.



forme arche 12

Towers and arches
Form – Arch 12'

Define a stunning entryway that will invite visitors in your booth! With their stylish shapes, they are available in 3 sizes. The 12’ arch is 8’ tall and 11’6’’ wide. It can accommodate two monitors externally oriented to make it as interesting inside than outside



forme arche 20

Towers and arches
Form – Arch 20'

Define a stunning entryway that will invite visitors in your booth! With their stylish shapes, the FORM arches are available in 3 sizes. The 20’ arch is 11’6’’ tall and 19’6’’ wide. It fits perfectly in an island space



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  • Development of custom and portable solutions
  • Coordination with your art work specialist in the creation of your graphics
  • Reprinting
  • Repair service for all brand names: Nomadic, Skyline

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