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Before you make up your mind…

The move from a portable to a modular or custom exhibit involves more complicated logistics in terms of shipping, handling and installation, etc. Items to consider:

  • Where will the exhibit be stored between trade shows?
  • Who will install and dismantle it?
  • What type of carrier will be used, and what are the delays involved?
  • What budgets are available for shipping, handling and assembly teams?


Linear and smaller exhibits

Even a smaller exhibit requires planning to foresee its eventual transformation into something larger. Different, even more spacious layouts may be required in the future.

Refer to ‘custom exhibits’ in our ‘Gallery’ for additional ideas.

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Larger exhibits

All larger exhibits are designed to offer the possibility of different layout sizes.  Before purchasing a larger exhibit, it is wise to inventory the types of spaces occupied to date and those planned for the future. This way, different layouts can be planned at the onset of the design process.

Refer to ‘custom exhibits’ in our ‘Gallery’ for additional ideas.

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Close follow-up

Many manufacturers and exporters turn to Standex for our expertise and the dynamics associated with big exhibits. The purchase of an elaborate exhibit is synonymous with top quality presentation, but also involves a number of limitations that must be considered. Before a decision is made, we conduct a detailed review of your needs and budget for the most logical solution.

One of Standex’s main strengths resides in the follow-up inherent in the delivery of a project:

  • Detailed installation plans are prepared
  • A trial assembly of the exhibit takes place upon delivery
  • Telephone support is available for the first assembly
  • Follow-up takes place after the first event to prepare for subsequent events

Ouellet Canada
Birger Buus

« I just thought that you would like to know that the OUELLET BOOTH won the top booth prize at the show.

There was around 300 booths in total soi t was quite an achievement for Ouellet. The booth really stood out.

So I had lots of great comments on it from everybody.»

Elisabeth Chrétien, directrice communications-marketing

« De la planification à la livraison de nos projets d'exposition, vous avez su démontrer votre grande créativité, votre professionnalisme et votre souci d'offrir des solutions adaptées à nos besoins. 

De plus, la qualité de fabrication de notre kiosque et la flexibilité de montage de ses différents modules nous permettent de présenter une image hautement professionnelle, et ce dans tous les salons, des plus petits aux plus grands. »