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Our portable exhibits

Standex offers the most complete line of portable display products at competitive prices without compromising quality service. Our different models of portable exhibits provide an interesting backdrop for smaller shows, but can also be developed into larger exhibits. Solutions vary, based on your visual and technical needs.

caisse comptoir


Counters / Tables / Cases
Case to Counter - Large Size

This rugged transportation box is one of the most convenient. It can contain your exhibit materials and it can turn into a spacious counter presentation by simply opening the box and placing a countertop on top. The front of the case offers a beautiful display surface. This counter comes with 4 shelves for easy storage of your products and brochures.

Case: 29’’ X 17’’ X 39’’h
Counter: 39’’ h X 48’’long
Weight: 22 lbs




stand exposition galaxy

Counters / Tables / Cases
The Galaxy

What better way to transform your case into a counter? Why store elsewhere when you can optimize the use of all your booth components.  A variety of podium solutions are also available to complete your exhibit.



stand exposition visio

Counters / Tables / Cases
The Visio

This counter offers a large working surface, but is not a cumbersome item to ship. It comes with a small shelf and storage space.



stand exposition infinity

Counters / Tables / Cases
The Infinity

This small, simple and elegant podium is an easy accessory to use.



stand portatif comptoir

Counters / Tables / Cases
The Infinity Ipad

And who would not appreciate the Ipad as a demo tool in an exhibit context?  Add it to your furnishings and make it an integral part of your presentation.



stand exposition horizon

Comptoirs / Tables/  Caissons
The Horizon Counter

This counter is assembled from the exhibit shipping case. It does not require an additional case and is integrated into exhibit packaging.



stand exposition hello

Counters / Tables / Cases
The Hello.Xpress

This counter is assembled from the exhibit shipping case. It does not require an additional case and is integrated into exhibit packaging.  Its hard plastic casing makes it sturdy and stable.



stand portatif exposition

Counters / Tables / Cases

Printed table covers are an economical way to personalize furnishings provided at exhibit halls. Your image is once again showcased without your having to ship bulky items.  



table pliante

Counters / Tables / Cases
The 6’ Foldable Table

This foldable table offers a large surface and, combined with a printed table cloth, becomes a very interesting option in your booth.



  • Consulting services
  • Design
  • Development of custom and portable solutions
  • Coordination with your art work specialist in the creation of your graphics
  • Reprinting
  • Repair service for all brand names: Nomadic, Skyline

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voyage etranger

You will be exhibitor at a trade show out of the country?

Standex will be partner of your success everywhere you go.  You can count on our assistance to plan your first trade shows.