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Are you an exhibitor?

At Standex, we develop long-term relations with customers.  This is why your needs are studied in great detail based on several determining factors:

  • What type of image are you seeking to project?
  • In how many events will you participate during the year?
  • Who will install, dismantle and store your material?
  • Are you aware of the amount of secondary costs associated with your choice in terms of shipping, handling and storage?
  • A review of other considerations will allow us to direct your choice to a portable, modular or custom exhibit and its purchase or rental.

We take the time to get to know you, better to advise you and follow your progress over time. This is why Standex has been able to develop a stable and loyal customer base over more than 30 years.
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Portable Exhibits

Standex offers the most complete line of portable display products at competitive prices without compromising quality service.  Our different models of portable exhibits provide an interesting backdrop for smaller shows, but can also be developed into larger exhibits. Solutions vary, based on your visual and technical needs.


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Custom  Exhibits

Many manufacturers and exporters turn to Standex for our expertise and the dynamics associated with big exhibits. The purchase of an elaborate exhibit is synonymous with top quality presentation, but also involves a number of limitations that must be considered. Before a decision is made, we conduct a detailed review of your needs and budget for the most logical solution.

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Exhibit Rentals

Personalized rentals provide the perfect solution for exhibitors who participate occasionally in shows, exhibitors who travel abroad and wish to avoid high shipping costs and exhibitors who do not want to handle trade show logistics.  


Event Planner

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Are you an event planner?

More than 30 years of experience has positioned us as an accredited supplier at the Québec City Convention Centre since its creation. Numerous local, national and international events are handled by Standex. We want to be more than just your supplier: we want to be your partner.

Many major stakeholders in Quebec will tell you that an event involving Standex will allow you to work in complete confidence in a dynamic and efficient environment. 

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Planner Needs

At Standex, we can meet all of your needs in terms of exhibition equipment, but with this notable difference: you get fast, precise answers to your questions. We want to be more than just your supplier: we want to be your partner.   

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Poster Boards

Our poster boards are offered in a range of sizes to ensure a quality presentation and efficient communication.


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Standex offers basic booths with hard walls or draped walls. Several types of exhibits with hard walls are available.




Event exhibitors are clients that need to be welcomed and oriented. All exhibitor requests are handled to ensure that their participation in your event is as glitch-free and pleasant as possible.